love test app

To check out the romance and chemistry in your relationship - for yourself and your partner - just enter your birth date. The Love Test App is a magic love machine that will calculate the level of your love compatibility based on positions of the love planets Venus and Mars - from ancient times in astrology believed to be the planets of love. You will find what is written in the stars about your love preferences.

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Available on iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch.
Have fun, put your love ingredients in the love machine and check out the chemistry level
and discover how you and your partner match up in love and in the bedroom!
As well as finding out how compatible you are with that special someone, you will discover how you love, relate and express yourself in a relationship.
Get to know your inner goddess, and find out what kind of guy could be your dream man.
Learn the secrets of what the opposite sex expects from a love connection.
What does he want in a woman?
What is he like as a lover?
If you like someone romantic and idealistic and your partner likes and expects the same,
then there is real compatibility! If your love- expectations differ radically from one another than there will have to be adjustments from both sides and that could be demanding. Or perhaps you complete each other perfectly. Find out now!